Janessa Paré is a makeup artist based in New York City.


Photographers: Kenneth Willardt, Jenny Hands, Taghi Naderzad, Christine Hahn, Tom Corbett, Lee Clower, Ash Reynolds, Carter Smith, Christian Oth, Alena Soboleva, Martin Scott Powell, Bon Duke, Anna Morgowicz, Meredith Jenks, Flethcher Lawrence, Joshua Jordan , Troy Covey, Saty and Pratha.

Clients: Condé Nast, Aveda, RCA Records, MTV, Thom Browne, Lane Bryant, Nautica, Mark McNairy, Refinery29, B Michael Couture, Estée Lauder, Todd Snyder, Helios and Luna, Assembly New York, Kelly Faetanini, Giulietta, JLM Couture, Rent the Runway, Yahoo!Beauty, What Goes Around Comes Around, Ovadia and Sons.

New York Fashion Week, Key Makeup: Nautica FW13, SS14, FW14, SS16; Todd Snyder FW13, FW14, SS15,SS16; Academy of Art FW 13, SS14, FW14; Assembly New York FW13; Ovadia and Sons SS14, FW14, SS15, SS16; Concept Korea SS14; David Hart SS14, SS15; Jay Godfrey FW14, SS15, Heather Lawton FW14; Timo Weiland Men's SS16